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7th April 2002

7:47pm: hi. alright, i'm going to be deleting this journal for real very soon.
i really think you kids should add downtownheart to your friendslists! that's my other journal. you know, the one i post on. i deleted all the friends from this journal because i dont think i should be taking up your friendslist space, so go ahead and delete girlslaugh from your lists. BUT

ADD downtownheart!!!!


xo, shell.
Current Mood: bored

5th March 2002

8:09pm: for those who miss me..
new livejournal. downtownheart.

25th January 2002

9:56pm: love quizzz

pretty accurate. i'm starting to really hate these things.

16th January 2002

9:36pm: moved.

9th January 2002

10:22pm: gotta end it with a quiz, yo.
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<TABLE><TD><text=lightblue><a href="http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/glorybox82/pumpkins/quiz.html"><img src="http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/glorybox82/pumpkins/billy2.jpg" border="0"></a></TD><TD><div align=left>
sometimes perceived as an egomaniac, you bring joy to many remaining alt-rock fans. underneath your exterior lies the
soul of a dreamer.
your fashion tastes may run to the bizarre and your friends may occasionally want to throw things at you,
but all in all, you're a pretty decent person.
<font size=-2><center><a href="http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/glorybox82/pumpkins/quiz.html">which pumpkin are you?</a></center></font></td></TABLE>
10:16pm: my goodbye poem?
on the verge of suicide
wretched spinning
have i ever told you how much you suck?
i dont have anyone
confusing me left and right
and those that used to say they care
suddenly dont give a fuck
ill take the good ones
because the good ones will stick
the bad ones wont give a damn
and thats how i know because you
would at least ask
what the hell this is
all about.
ill take my freedom
and ill want you back
and ill take my pills
my insanity
my sickness
and you can take your excuses
and the fact that
you dont give a fuck
if you did
you would have asked me
what the hell is up
a long while back
you still have time
just ask
just ask
thats all i need.
all i need.
to be at peace.
tear down these walls...

6th January 2002

6:52pm: yeah.
retiring from livejournal temporarily (or maybe forever?)
i need to sort out my life. on my own.
without this shit hanging over my head.

1st January 2002


bad taste in music, but i find him strangely attractive.
it must be the gun.

31st December 2001

What Color Underwear Are You?


This quiz says absolutely nothing about your personality. Take it! </td>

5:36am: rough sex
2:02am: we're also the sexy ones

Take the Which Empire Records Character are You? Quiz.

1:57am: mmmm, i smell good. and someone good is online. mmmmm... yes. tonight may be a good night.

30th December 2001

8:15pm: im downloading some portishead.
you know. in case anyone... decides to stop by...
Current Mood: wink
6:40pm: connecting with old friends is good. man.. i really missed some of these people and i completely forgot how much i really did.. i <3 you guys.

doug. im such a dork, you don't realize how into rp'ing i get. haha. :) <3333
5:05pm: i can still smell you on my skin. it's so sick and i want more... the perversion, the portishead singing lightly in the background. that rocked my world, babe, for real. i couldn't think, my knees were weak. why did that night go by so quickly?
4:43pm: and i'm single, WHY?

5:45am: okay wow.
sKie0bLu: hey question since were being all open (at least i feel such) ...how come we never did the horizontal mambo? lol like really... why?
sKie0bLu: like i dont feel weird asking you that... weird hehe
x 90s nomad x: i used to have the biggest crush on you
sKie0bLu: ...
x 90s nomad x: then grace came along
x 90s nomad x: i wrote a letter to you
sKie0bLu: and ya didnt tell me :-) *smack* lol
x 90s nomad x: and i never gave it to you
x 90s nomad x: grace tried to read it once
x 90s nomad x: remember?
x 90s nomad x: wait were you there..
x 90s nomad x: it was in s.s. class
sKie0bLu: um
sKie0bLu: prolly not!
x 90s nomad x: her and i were fighting
x 90s nomad x: well play fighting
x 90s nomad x: she was trying to take a piece of paper from me
x 90s nomad x: and i was pissed
x 90s nomad x: we were knocking shit over
x 90s nomad x: um, i forgot our teachers name coz im dumb
x 90s nomad x: she was getting mad at us
x 90s nomad x: well that was my letter to you
x 90s nomad x: i could never throw it away
sKie0bLu: ss class?
x 90s nomad x: social studies
x 90s nomad x: history
x 90s nomad x: the class we sat next to each other at
sKie0bLu: wheeler?
x 90s nomad x: yeah
x 90s nomad x: thats it
sKie0bLu: mrs wheeler heheh
sKie0bLu: ok michelle you arel iek dumb.
x 90s nomad x: you were with bobby
x 90s nomad x: and i got so happy when you and bobby almost broke up
x 90s nomad x: then you and jon were all...
x 90s nomad x: woo
x 90s nomad x: i was like
sKie0bLu direct connection is closed.
x 90s nomad x: fuck this
x 90s nomad x: well, i threw that letter away the day grace tried to read it. coz i know grace would have told you, coz i could never trust that bitch
sKie0bLu: like really i wish you wouldve told me lol before liek grace or like anything then like... maybe you wouldnt have had to like go through that bad experience with grace? :\ like michelle lol i had a really huge crush on you i never told you that heh.
x 90s nomad x: wow
sKie0bLu: llike i would have totally dumped bobby for you lol
x 90s nomad x: we're both dumb
sKie0bLu: yeah heh
x 90s nomad x: hey ill try to visit
x 90s nomad x: haha
sKie0bLu: rofl you slut
x 90s nomad x: ;-)
sKie0bLu: but liek... ok
4:54am: i just got FUCKED.
go usa...
1:22am: You are the Nuclear-Powered Bring-Back-To-Life Non-Death Ray

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Quiz by fire4ice
1:12am: I&apos;m 2-D
12:06am: be MY superman.Collapse )

29th December 2001

6:55pm: when i'm fuckin' bored, i fuckin love quizzes.Collapse )
Current Mood: im going to kill rick
6:35pm: babe, you plus me could equal such hot hot sex but if you never answer me we'll never find out.
5:36pm: Your song: Babydoll ...Your lyric: 'I'll be the biggest dick that you ever had'

according to the which hole song are you quiz. i'll post the link later.
You are Gerald!
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